Saturday, December 21, 2013

Winter Haikus in NYC - Poetry for the Season!

Each season I write haikus, a practice I began when we lived in Russia. I would sift through my many photos, select five that particularly "spoke" to me, put words to pictures, in 5-7-5 syllabled lines, and post them on my Arkansas/Russian Reflections blog. (Check archive for haikus). Nature was always my theme, a familiar companion, in a country that took time to get to know. 

When we moved to New York City, I followed a similar pattern. Although back in my home country, I often felt like a visitor, a tourist rather than a citizen. I needed something to ground me. Something that was the same in Moscow, New York City, Cairo, Singapore, Juneau or Greenbrier, Arkansas.

Path to walk
Space to breathe

My spring, summer and fall haikus reflect where my eye wandered, where my soul gravitated for comfort and connection.  

 I continue this winter, with Nature linking me to my surroundings; Her threads often leading me beyond the obvious. 

May these images and words provide a thread or two for you. . . wherever that might lead.
Happy Holidays!  

Rockefeller Center
                                                              Rockefeller tree
jeweled, admired, crowned a Star
led a quiet life

Statue of George Washington
Federal Hall
 Ever so quietly
snowflakes trigger mem'ries of
soldiers without shoes

View of New York Harbor from our window
Oh, sing to the dawn 
promises of liberty
for tired, poor, for all

Farmer's Market, Union Square
one among many
no matter how welcome, still,
feeling out of place

intersection Broadway and Morris (Lower Manhattan)
potted wonderland
between frantic stop and go
balance is the key


  1. haikus delight me
    I begin to know Twylla
    delightful unique

    1. What a lovely haiku reply, Vanda! Thanks.

    2. Love your haikus!- Joanie

  2. Great haikus, Twylla! -Joanie-


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