Monday, October 13, 2014


I awakened to rain.
Pudgy downpours
squeezed through gutters.
Lively droplets
puddled in mud.     
Birds' bath
Flower pots 
Flood Warning

I poured a cup of tea and sat on the window seat at our Arkansas home. It would be a cozy inside day.  Perfect! I needed to tweak my book proposal for Labyrinth Journey ~ Fifty States, Fifty-One Stories and email it to a publisher.

No need to rush here, there.
No distractions to rake, weed.
The weather was my ally as I pulled chair to desk and opened my computer.

Yet at the same time, son Jason sat at the Little Rock airport. Flight to Corpus Christi delayed, then cancelled.

No luck re-booking for tomorrow.
No opportunity to attend the anticipated conference.

The same weather, not so perfect.

Such a lesson in perspective, isn't it?
Not a new lesson; nothing I don't already know.
But a reminder.
To appreciate
To be aware
To gingerly hold both
in the palm of my hand.


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