Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Haikus Herald Summer's End in Central Park

When spring was barely budding, I continued my tradition of writing five haikus during each of the seasons.  In my posting on March 11, 2012 I explained how I began writing "Haikus Written in Russia but not in Russian" when we lived in Moscow. Pokrovskoye-Streshnevo Park was my setting as the seasons changed.  When we moved to New York City, I needed another park.  Thank goodness, there happen to be a few.

I returned to Central Park on Saturday, as a kind of "farewell to summer" outing.  Not that summer is officially over, but it's beginning to feel that way with school starting and sweaters replacing tank tops in every clothing store window.

Enjoy the words, pictures and the sentiments of a season, soon to begin yet another transition.

idyllic rowboats
paddle cross dappled waters 
how distant the shore

flowers philosophize and
whisper words of love

       timeless purity
        dear Angel of the Waters
          bless of what we drink

summer skating rink
smooth as frozen split pea soup
where is everyone? 


a book and a bench
in the company of trees
summer's end; perfect


  1. I especially like your Shakespeare haiku.

    I wish fall would hurry up! It's so hard to have a closet full of cute, new autumn clothes (um, not my closet, but still *a* closet) when the temperature stubbornly remains above 90*F.

  2. You look so at peace on the bench. Is this by the small pond near a little rock waterfall? That is such a nice place to sit and look at the birds and enjoy the surroundings. I also love the area with the angel statue that you captured on film. Yes, there are great places to relax and write or just be in Central Park.

  3. I was sitting on a bench in "The Ramble," a more wooded area of the park, not too far from the Angel of the Waters statue. It is very peaceful, not as crowded as other areas. I'll show you sometime.


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