Monday, October 29, 2012

The Calm Before Sandy

Drew and I just returned to our apartment after walking south about 6 blocks to check on conditions at Léman Manhattan Preparatory School, where he is Head of School.  The building is in Zone B, just a couple of blocks from Battery Park, and a half block down from the New York Stock Exchange.  During Irene, the basement took on some water; but so far all is dry, the sump pump idle.

The streets between here and there were quiet, except for a few people walking their dogs, or checking out stores which might still be open.

But no luck. . . even each of the four Starbucks we passed along the way was empty, stools upturned, lights off.

The Stock Exchange stood silent, deserted.

As we walked up Broadway towards our apartment, I wondered if we would ever again see that street, constantly teeming with people and traffic, so. . .  unoccupied.


  1. Kind of eerie in a very film-like way.

    Praying tonight!

  2. I am sending light and love your way! xx


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