Wednesday, October 31, 2012

After Sandy

I'm propped up against the window of a store called The Living Room on the corner of E 17th St. and Park Avenue South, in the area of Union Square, delighted to have found internet service!  It's seeping through the walls of the store, generously sharing a signal with about 20 other people busily connecting to the world. Part of my quest today was to see how far uptown I needed to walk before I found electricity.  Still none in this area, about 16 blocks or so from our apartment, but at least a signal.

We still have no power in Lower Manhattan.  This morning the one elevator servicing our tower went down, as did the hall lights.  The desk clerk tells us that they are waiting for a delivery of diesel fuel for the generator, but have no idea when that will arrive.  Thankfully, we still have water coming out of the faucets and our backup supply in the bathtub.

Yesterday Drew and I surveyed the neighborhoods around our building and LĂ©man Manhattan on Broad Street.  Here are a few pictures, the day after Sandy blew through.

It's interesting how perspectives change as we find ourselves in the midst of such destruction.  Yesterday I was grateful for one elevator; today I'm grateful for a flashlight to light my way as I walked down the 27 floors to exit our building.  AND for strong legs and lungs to get me back up this afternoon.

One thing that doesn't change is our need to be connected to our family and friends.  This need is so great that Drew traveled uptown last night until he found electricity and plugged our phones in until they had  50% power.  (Perhaps we're a tad addicted to them, as well, but that's another story.)

In the meantime, know that we are well, so much better than many. Thanks for checking in with us.  I may be propped up against this same window in the next day or so to write to you again.


  1. So glad to hear you're safe and well--and have both a flashlight and a phone at 50%.

  2. The photo of the cars jammed against each other in the canal....what a sight.


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