Monday, February 13, 2012

Pier 15 - A Sanctuary on South Street

We have enjoyed day after sunny day of glorious weather lately in NYC.  I try to stay focused on my writing, but the sunshine, blue skies and moderate temperatures (for this time of year) keep calling me to come outside and play.  The water glistening on the East River says, "Come down to the pier, sit and watch the boats go by, feel the wind in your hair."  The Brooklyn Bridge says, "Come take a walk; stop mid-span and gaze in the distance at the Statue of Liberty, her torch golden in the sun."  I can resist no longer, so I zip up my coat, grab hat and gloves and rush out the door, before my laptop has a chance to open her mouth with words of, "You'll get behind,"  "What about your deadline?"

I follow the East River's advice and walk the four blocks from our apartment building to the water's edge, past the commercialization of Pier 17, to my newly discovered secret. . . a sanctuary.  I watched its progress for 6 months, as I fast-walked past on my morning exercise route.  I had no idea what was under construction; I simply noticed and kept walking.  Then one morning, as if by the wave of a wand, all signs of construction had vanished.  The workmen were gone, the coverings lifted, the yellow barrier tapes missing, without a single nail to signal their existence.  In their place stood a pristine new building.

                                                  I read the sign, then entered.

                               The further into the structure I walked, the greater my delight.



benches inviting me to sit            

            tables inviting me to picnic

                                                       a patch of Nature's calm. . .

                                         a sanctuary amidst the day's distractions

Today, I sit on the grass, close my eyes to the warming sun, and secretly hope that others take their time  discovering this spot.

But then . . . sanctuaries are meant to be shared.

Discover it for yourself at South Street & Fletcher; walk towards the water.



  1. Replies
    1. Quite a different "sanctuary" than our grove of oaks in Arkansas, but you're right. . lovely, and right in our neighborhood!


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