Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Giant(s) Party!

Drew and I had both ends of the Super Bowl Parade route covered.  He and the entire Léman Manhattan Prep middle/high school students and staff staked out spots in front of "their" building.  The school occupies the 19-22 floors of the original Cunard (Line) Building, directly across from the Bull -- a perfect spot to watch  the Giants begin their ticker tape trek up Broadway.  As proof of just how perfect, Gary Schwartz, the school's art teacher and photographer extraordinare, snapped this photo.

                                                       Eli and Léman -- all the way!

I was about three-quarters of a mile away, where the parade would end with a "key-to-the-city" ceremony on the steps of City Hall.  I wasn't exactly at the park, but 27 floors above it in our apartment, warm as toast, sitting in a comfortable chair.  I would occasionally sip my tea, look out the window and wait for the floats and festivities to reach me.

Truth be told, I felt luckier than the Giants did when Tom Brady's final pass fell flat in the end zone.  The only downside to my perch was that the speakers' words tended to float away on the noonday breeze, so I remedied that problem by turning up the TV's audio.  At one point, I did venture downstairs to get a true sense of the elbow-to-elbow excitement, but got elbowed out before I could move half a block. I turned around and headed back upstairs to my tea.

In his speech, Mayor Bloomberg mentioned that it would be easy to replicate the parade again next year since the plans are already in place.  Drew and I will be faithfully at our posts, although next year, he may want the cushy spot.


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