Monday, December 12, 2011

Santas Here, Santas There, Santas, Santas Everywhere!

I noticed one Santa,
That's it, only one,
On the corner at Starbucks
Soaking up sun.

Three more then joined him
coffee in hand.
Where had they come from,
but Northern Pole land?

Hundreds came streaming,
(or at least ninety-nine),
like ants down the sidewalk,
in sort of a line.

But it wasn't just Santas,
white hair on their chins.
Along came a dreidel
ready for spins.

The mystery was growing.
I joined in the flow.
I had to, just had to
be one in the know.

I followed a couple,
dressed to the nines
as Mr. and Ms. Santa
in snazzy designs.

came into view
awash in red costumes
and hullabaloo.

Twittering and texting
from hither and yon,
they joined as one body
called. . . SantaCon.

Then a small, furry Santa, 
the cutest in sight,
barked "Merry Christmas
  to all and to all a good night."



  1. What a fun event. And how fun to be able to wander at whim.

  2. Cute poem :-) You captured this day perfectly. I like how it has a rhythm similar to a familiar holiday song.

  3. Wandering and taking pictures was a lot of fun, Kate!
    Thanks for telling me about it, Nola. Maybe next year, we should dress up and join the crowd. :-)

  4. Santas here! Santas there! Santas, Santas EVERYWHERE! What a great reflection (& poem) on another reason why NYC is the place to BE!

  5. "NYC is the place to BE. . " There's some poet in you, as well. :-) Thanks!


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