Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Labyrinth Visit #50 on July 3rd!

Two years, one month and sixteen days after my labyrinth journey began in Florida, it will end in Hawaii!

July 3rd. 2:30 pm at Eve Hogan's labyrinth on Maui.

I have walked a labyrinth in forty-nine states -- each outdoors, each envisioned and brought to life by a woman.  I have spent one hour, two, up to four hours, with each labyrinth creator. . hearing her story.

Lives and stories now woven into my own.

With one more labyrinth to walk and story to hear, the significance of this journey is only beginning to sink in. I have kept the ending at arm's length, not yet ready to reflect. However, as Drew and I step on the plane tomorrow, that process will begin. The end of the journey will become real.

And what an ending! Drew and I will spend five days on Maui with our dear friends, Marian and Jim Levine. Marian traveled with me, actually did all the driving, through the northeastern states; then joined me again in Tennessee, Mississippi and Kentucky. We had a vision even then -- Hawaii #50!

I will post pictures of the last labyrinth walk on Facebook and this blog. If you are close to a labyrinth, I invite you to walk along with me on the 3rd. Many of my "Labyrinth Friends," in the other forty-nine states, are planning to walk their labyrinths that day and post pictures to my Facebook page or send emails -- a Cyber Celebration!

One of them recently wrote to ask how I'm feeling about reaching the end of the path.  She offered words which have become my mantra. . .

               "An end is a beginning."  

I wonder where this "end" is leading me.

Bur first -- Hawaii.  Here we come!

Eve Hogan's labyrinth on Maui




  1. Hi Twylla! So exciting to be part of your journey. I will be walking my labyrinth here in Missouri at the same time you are walking in Hawaii. Blessed be!

  2. Wonderful! I can picture your labyrinth with the rocks from around the world and its newly created center. :-)


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