Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Labyrinth Retreats in Alaska!

"Come to Juneau and facilitate a labyrinth retreat for our book group," Margie said.
"Come to Juneau and facilitate a labyrinth retreat for our book group, too." Sue said.
... Each friend generously offering to help me reach my certification requirement of three labyrinth facilitations within a year of my training.

I hesitated only briefly, wondering if we could actually make it happen.  But with these former teachers, along with friend Debbie in charge, I should have known better. Of course, they would masterfully organize the date, time, place, invitations, plane reservations, and all-important, "What should we have for lunch?"
They planned it, and I showed up.

In Juneau, Alaska!
Our family's home for nine years.
Still the home of dear friends and
pristine beauty that
uplifts and calms,
all in the same
deep breath.

The first labyrinth I ever walked.  
As I stood at the entrance the day before the retreats, I felt honored to be in her presence once again.  She felt like another Juneau friend, greeting me with a cheerful, "I've missed you!  Let's take a walk and catch up." 

The labyrinth gathered together sixteen women on Friday

and fifteen on Saturday.

Women who came for their own reasons - to learn, reflect, be present to themselves, spend a day in the company of other women they enjoy and respect, to discover what they were meant to discover. 

During the morning and afternoon labyrinth walks, the women circled from the entrance to the center and back, all on the same path, each on her own journey.

As the facilitator, I remained at the entrance, spacing the walkers, "holding the space."
Aware of footsteps,
  the constant
of women. 
Grateful to be among them.


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