Friday, July 5, 2013

Labyrinths and Their Creators in IL, WI, MI, IN and OH!

LaGuardia to Chicago Midway
Rent a car

Garden Prairie, Illinois
Edgerton, Wisconsin
Middleville, Michigan
Indianapolis, Indiana
Baltimore, Ohio

Dayton International Airport
Return to LaGuardia

Five labyrinth visits in 3 1/2 days.

Not that my goal was to blaze a trail through five states in record time, but because of the graciousness of five women, the one-state-right-after-another adventure was possible.  They each said not only "yes," but variations of "absolutely," "delighted," "honored!"

The World Wide Labyrinth Locator helped me piece together the route, much like fitting together the crooks and turns of a jigsaw puzzle.  Five labyrinths met my criteria within a doable distance from each other, with no drive being more than four hours. (Except when my GPS decided to take the scenic route through back roads of southern Michigan before pointing me towards Indiana.)

Susie, Dianne, Kay, Kathe and Linda shared their stories with me of why and how they created their outdoor labyrinths.  As I listened, then walked each labyrinth, I was the one who felt honored.

From Susie's Illinois labyrinth with grasses so tall, the path lays hidden, awaiting discovery . . .

To Dianne's Wisconsin labyrinth with perennials so abundant, their colors greet walkers at every turn. . 

To Kay's Michigan labyrinth, with eleven circuits so clearly defined, they invite openness. . .

To Kathe's Indiana labyrinth with mowed path so plush, it feels like nourishment to bare feet. . . 

To Linda's Ohio labyrinth with setting so peaceful, it calms both body and spirit . . .

Labyrinths connect each of these women to one another, and to the others on this journey, even though they have never met.
They inspire me to continue, one step at a time.
Puzzle pieces for the next journey are already spread across the kitchen counter.  Towards North Dakota, perhaps?



  1. I love your map, Twylla.

    Do you know what they say about TCK? When they hear the name of a country they don't see flags or maps. They see faces. It's so true, isn't it?

  2. Thanks! I really enjoy seeing the faces of the women I've met along this journey. It makes the map feel so much more personal.

  3. I agree, I like your choice of map and that you personalized it with the photos of those you are visiting.

  4. It does feel very personal and so nice to see these smiling faces each time I look at it. :-)


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