Monday, June 3, 2013

Grocery Shopping from 1233.5 Miles Away

Thursday, May 30 - 4:30 p.m.

At the Little Rock airport, Southwest gate 10
Waiting for my flight back to NYC
What to do?
Give into that skinny, extra hot, chai tea latté and blueberry scone at Starbucks 
Gaze out the window at approaching gray-quickly-turning-black thunderclouds and
OR -- do my grocery shopping

How about the latté and scone while doing my grocery shopping?

I open my laptop to Fresh Direct, online grocery store, in New York City. . . .

and begin clicking.

Milk, organic (2) - add to chart
Apples, gala (4) - add to chart
Alaska Cooper River salmon (2 fillets, 6-8 ounces) - add to chart
Potatoes, red russet (6) - add to chart
Dishwashing detergent (50 ounces) - add to chart
Paper towels (8 rolls) - add to chart
Frozen strawberries (16 ounces) - add to chart

And on it goes until my shopping cart is full, or as full as I can maneuver down the virtual aisles.

Time to check out.

Pick delivery time.  The next morning between 8:00-10:00. Click.

Payment.  Verify previously entered credit card information. Click.

Verify address.  Click.

Submit. Click.


Close computer.


Fly to NYC. Sleep. Wake up.

The intercom beeps, "Your Fresh Direct order is on its way up."


Sometimes Life is easy, 
    embarrassingly easy,
        gratefully easy! 


  1. Wow. That's pretty amazing, actually. And it all looks so yummy!

  2. We've never had a problem. All the produce is healthy and meat fresh. I'm spoiled. :-)


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