Monday, April 29, 2013

Join My Journey

I sit with a book and cup of tea in front of me. 
I realize. 
One year ago, 
I knew neither the woman who wrote the book, nor wove the 

My journey began on May 18, 2012.
My goal is to complete it by July, 2014.

As with any journey, but particularly this one, it began with a single step.  A step into a labyrinth.
Anne Hornstein's labyrinth on Miramar Beach, Florida.  It was the first state of 50 that I will visit.  All outdoor labyrinths, grounded in the earth.  All created by women.

Since Florida, I have visited a labyrinth in 20 states.  Nineteen built in yards. One on a beach.  Each with a story.  I have walked each labyrinth except the one in New Jersey, made unwalkable by Hurricane Irene. (Bianca Franchi has since rebuilt it.)  I have listened to each woman's story. 

The idea came from, well, who knows where.  That mysterious Voice that sneaks up on you from "out of the blue," or as a needling nudge that elbows you at 2:00 am and won't go back to sleep.  
"You love to write.  You love labyrinths.  Write about labyrinths, one in every state."  
An ambitious Voice to be sure!

For those of you unfamiliar with the labyrinth, it is an ancient design consisting of one path that leads from an entrance on the outer edge, in a circuitous way, to the center and back out.  

Not a maze
No confusion
One way in
One way out

"It is a walking meditation.  A tool to quiet the mind, reduce stress, open the heart." (Lauren Artress)

Here are two different types of labyrinths, from the amazing ones I've visited so far. . . 


Lani Rossetta's labyrinth 
 Center Point, Oregon (close to Medford)

Susan Gardener and Kathleen Rosemary's labyrinth 
Baltimore, Maryland 

My journey, and those of the women whose stories I'm carrying with me, will become a book.  

Labyrinth Journeys: Fifty States, Fifty-One Stories

The working title is Labyrinth Journeys: Fifty States, Fifty-One Stories.   My friend, Margie Beedle, gave me her original watercolor of the Merciful Love Labyrinth in Juneau, Alaska, the first labyrinth I ever walked.  It is my proposed cover.  I can't imagine another more meaningful and artfully created.  

As I continue this journey, I will begin posting updates on this blog, with plans to expand to a website.
My excitement and commitment to this path grow with each woman's story, with each friend who joins me for a portion of the trip, with each new labyrinth I walk, finding my own center in the process.   

I invite you to continue reading, to join me as I travel forward.  And as you do, let me know. . .
What is your path?

From the picture at the top of this posting. . .
The handwoven coaster was made by Hillary Cooper-Kinny, whose labyrinth I visited in Hudson Falls, New York.
The book, The Creative Photographer, was written by Catherine Anderson, whose labyrinth I visited in Charlotte, North Carolina.     




  1. It's so exciting, Twylla! Do you have any plans for which labyrinth in Ohio/Kentucky/Indiana? We're here through the 4th of July and would love to walk alongside you.

    After that...well...I don't know where we'll be. But we'll always love to walk alongside you. Of course, Lexi will likely skip or dance her way through...

  2. Hi Kate,
    Thanks! I may be in that area in June. I'd love to have you and Lexi join me. I'll be sure and let you know as my plans come together. Dancing and skipping through a labyrinth sounds like fun!

  3. So very lovely Twylla....your sharing....your caring....your focus and intention.....walking with you all the way wherever it may wend and wind....xoxox Anne

  4. What kind words, Anne! It's so delightful to be sharing this labyrinth journey with you.

  5. Twylla,
    We have a flagstone and brick labyrinth @ St. Bartolomews Episcopal Church in Atlanta. It was designed by two women. The mosaic in the center was constructed and designed by women. The stones were done
    by male masons.
    I'll try to copy and paste a picture. Please let me know if you come to Atlanta, we have a few good labyrinths around here.
    Linda Claire Snyder
    PS Copy/paste did not work

    1. What a fabulous idea! I look forward to reading your blogs and seeing the final product. Who knows...once you're done in the U.S., you can explore Canadian labyrinths!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. I appreciate your encouragement, Debbie. I'm sure there are some beautiful labyrinths in Canada. The more I look for them, the more I find. :-)

    4. HI Linda,
      (For some reason, I couldn't reply under your comment.)
      Thank you for sharing about the labyrinth at the church in Atlanta! It sounds lovely. I just visited a labyrinth in Athens, GA a couple of weeks ago, but if I'm in Atlanta (actually have some family there), I will definitely contact you about labyrinths in that area.

  6. When you visit Minnesota, please come in summer or autumn, and I welcome you to my home where I have personally constructed 15 walkable labyrinths.
    Lisa Gidlow Moriarty

  7. HI Lisa,
    Fifteen labyrinths -- amazing! I may be coming to MN this summer. I'll let you know. Thanks!


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