Friday, June 8, 2012

A Boat Ride and a Bag of Meatballs

It's a glistening New York City day.  "Glistening" seems the perfect word as I stare down at the sun's jewel-like reflections on the East River.  A barge goes by, a yellow water taxi, then the waterway is clear of boat traffic as far as I can see, from the 27th floor of our building above the Brooklyn Bridge. There's a peacefulness about the water, especially in the morning, when a cool breeze blows across its surface and sweeps through the city.

But there are days when gazing at the water isn't enough; I want to be on it.  I need a different perspective of the city, from the outside looking in.  Luckily, I've found the perfect way to achieve this goal, which is FREE and includes sightseeing and shopping!

I grab my purse, a hat, and walk the quick 10 minutes to Pier 11, located at the corner of South Street and Wall Street.  Ferries go and come from here to points including Brooklyn, Long Island, New Jersey and seasonally to Yankee Stadium, Martha's Vineyard and more.  My destination is Brookyn's IKEA, probably the only IKEA in the world which can be accessed by land and water.  I purchase my ticket for $5, for which I will receive credit at the store. ( I "have" to buy at least $10 of IKEA goods on a weekday for the credit, but who can leave there without spending $10, anyway, even if nothing you purchase was on your list when you walked in?)

As addicting as IKEA may be to a shopper, it's not the destination but the journey there that excites me today. 

 The 20-minute boat ride turns Manhattan into a picture postcard and allows me to breathe.

As I glance back towards the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges, they appear to be stretching, lengthening as distance expands viewpoint.

Even the Statue of Liberty, from her distant perch, seems to be saying, "Take me along; I could use a change of scenery."

Sitting on the top of the water taxi, I feel delightfully windblown, as we pull into the IKEA dock.  
Walking the short distance to the store, I have only one item on my mental list - a bag of frozen Swedish meatballs, just like those they serve in the cafeteria.  Ummm. . . not quite $10?  I'll take two.  


  1. This is indeed one of the best excursions -- peaceful, picturesque, and the meatballs and lingonberry sauce at IKEA are yum. Thanks for telling others about it. Your photos show off the vistas beautifully.

    1. Thanks!
      I forgot about the lingonberry sauce. Well, I'll just have to make another trip.

  2. After a certain parcel arrived today (thank you thank you thank you), I found this old post to show Lexi all about your water taxi. She is still giggling. ;>


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