Monday, November 14, 2011


Sunday afternoon.  A cloudless, 60-degree day in New York City. I leave our apartment building, walking towards Wall Street, 10 minutes away.

The first two blocks are predictable, with a few less stores open and people along the sidewalks than on a weekday.  Approaching Wall, I notice the same police barriers in place, keeping tourists and Occupy Wall Streeters at bay.  A police car further secures an intersection.  I pass it, glance up Wall St., keep walking. Then, as if the scene were just catching up with my brain, I slow my pace, puzzled.  Something  is not right.

The color of the car -- blue, not white.  The letters on the side -- GPD, not NYPD.   

Shaking my head, I move closer to read the words on the car door.

Gotham City?  Where am I?

And what is that I see beyond the car, lining the curbs?  Snow?  

Trying to stay calm, and not succeeding, I begin running the couple of blocks until I can see Wall St. from another perspective, at the New York Stock Exchange. A recognizable landmark.  I am not prepared for the horror that awaits.

Holy red, white and blue shenanigans!
 Flags across the street from the Stock Exchange are shredded, in tatters, singed with black.

Gangs of men gather, some with guns.

What is happening?  Is there no "caped crusader" who can help me?

A leaflet ruffles my hair, flutters to my feet.  I bend to retrieve it, then look upward to its source.  Seeing nothing but endless towers, I read.  My answer. . .

                                                                            Photo - Warner Brothers Studios

Summer 2012, Tune in at your favorite theater, "Same Bat-Time, Same Bat-Channel"

(For more information about filming of the latest Batman movie, "The Dark Knight Rises," in New York City, check out this link:



  1. It's so exciting that you and Drew got to see this movie being filmed, or at least some of the props! I wonder if you'll recognize them when you watch the 'real' movie?

  2. Yes, I'll keep an eye out for those shredded flags when the movie comes out. I wonder what evil force caused such a calamity!


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